Hello, friends and fans: I hope you and your families are safe and doing well. I just want to drop this note to say I am doing well and my family also. But, as you know the pandemic has profoundly affected the art and musical performers, and that’s my situation: gigs are very precious these days. However, when I get the next one I will be happy to inform you here. I am working on some alternative means to share my love for Jazz. Take care and peace.


I’ll be performing with my trio at a new venue on DEC. 5, 7-10 pm called Balboa’s Restaurant, 1655 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn NY, across from Medgar Evers College, betw. Montgomery & Crown Sts. Joining me is an All-Star trio: Marcus Persiani, keyboard; Lonnie Plaxico, bass; and “Cook” Broadnax, drums.

We’re keeping Jazz alive at a local spot, centrally located, affordable, excellent food, and the atmosphere is perfect for hanging out and enjoying real Jazz. I’ll do first set and open the second for jamming. Your support will be highly appreciated for us to make this a continuing happening. NO COVER