CD Review: by George Fendel

May 8, 2015

Media Alert: Steve Cromity, All My Tomorrows

All My Tomorrows; Steve Cromity, vocals.
Male jazz singers may not be considered an endangered species, but they are at the very least a rarity these days. Every month in this space there are a few female singers reviewed, but the guys — well, few and far between. So here comes Steve Cromity, with solid jazz chops, excellent choice of tunes, and a well-crafted ensemble providing accompaniment. If Cromity reminds me of anyone, I might single out the great but under-appreciated Bill Henderson. There’s a hint of Henderson in Cromity’s phrasing and the slightly edgy aspect of his voice. And what great tunes! For starters, how about these: “Old Devil Moon,” “When Lights Are Low,” “All My Tomorrows,” “Where Do You Start,” “How Little We Know,” and “I Was Telling Her About You.” His rhythm section is mildly embellished here and there by the two tenor saxes of Patience Higgins and Eric Wyatt. Don’t get me wrong. I love the ladies. But in an ocean of female “wanna-be’s” and a smaller number of the gifted, it’s nice to occasionally be treated to a hip, straight, no gimmicks male jazz singer. And Steve Cromity is just that!
Self-Produced; 2015; appx. 45 min.

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