CD Review, Herb Young

This compact disc was quite a surprise. Steve Cromity is a real talent who came to jazz as a professional singer later in life after raising a family. He was born in Brooklyn and has lived in New York City all his life. As near as I can determine he works almost exclusively in this city. He heard jazz from the time of his
pre-school years. His professional career is about 10 years

He is now in his late 60s. This may be a good thing as he is a very mature singer with great diction. His phrasing is
much like Frank Sinatra’s. I wonder if that man was an influence. The instrumental backing is first rate including his nephew Eric Wright. These musicians are all working in the New York area and are among the young lions there. It is a very cohesive
unit. The selection of songs is great. Most are hard swinging with
the exception of a couple ballads, “My Little Boat” and “How Little We Know”. One of my favorites is Duke Pearson’s
“Jeannine”. The tune “Sugar” on this disc is not the older Dixieland chestnut but a tune written by Stanley Turrentine. You can’t go wrong with this album. It is one of the best male jazz vocal CDs I’ve heard in a long time. Give it a listen.

♫ Herb Young

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