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Steve Cromity is a vocalist who loves to swing, but can also render touching lyrics and phrases when singing a ballad. He has a natural, smooth and laid back delivery, yet there’s plenty of passion in his renderings of classic and standard jazz compositions. He also places a lot of importance on the meaning of a song, its message. He recently released his second CD which gained him quite a bit of additional exposure and accolades. The CD was played on nearly 50 radio stations nationally.  It made the JAZZ CHARTS for several weeks and reached the ranking of number 25.  He received many impressive reviews of the production, not only in the states, but as far as London, Italy, and Hungary.  He was also interviewed on several radio stations, including WBAI, WHPK, and WHCR.
 Steve has been singing a little over a decade, transitioning to his love of music and fulfilling his dream after a successful business career.  He has always been blessed with having world-class musicians playing with him from the beginning.  On his first CD there was Rodney Kendrick, Eric Wyatt, and Emmanuel Harrold.  Later, he’s had a long association his Marcus Persiani, Eric Lemon, and Dwayne “Cook” Broadnax, and he regularly plays with James Weidman, Patience Higgins, Kenyatta Beasley,  Bruce Cox, Richard Clements, and Alex Layne just to name a few.
Steve is a native New Yorker and he’s now an active player on the jazz scene in NYC.  He’s sang at many of the most prominent venues in the city: Smoke, Birdland, and Katano.




1.   “Steppin’ Out” (2014, Cromcake Records)
2.   “All My Tomorrows” (2015, Cromcake Records)
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